1. Do you have the facemasks available for wholesale?

Please contact us by email: hi@airxcoffee.com so that we can get you the best offer.

2. How do i wash my coffee mask?

The mask has 2 parts: cover and filter.
Filter: The filter is replaceable but not washable. When being washes, it will reduce the ability to anti-bacteria
Cover: You can wash the mask and use it repeatedly.
+ Mix soap with water in a clean washbasin
+ Remove the filter from the mask
+ Dip the mask into the mixture and gently squeeze along the border of the mask, inside and outside
+ Rinse thoroughly with clean water
+ Let it air-dry
+ Do not crumple the mask
+ Do not use washing machine, hot-dryer to dry mask
+ Only wear mask when it is completely dry
+ Do not wash the filter because it will reduce the ability to anti-bacteria

3. We would like to buy filters. Are they individual bagged?

Yes, each filter is in an individual 3-layer special package so that it can protect the silver nano antibacterial function.