AIRX COFEE MASK - Red color limited edition

AIRX COFEE MASK - Red color limited edition

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AirX Coffee Mask - Red Limited Edition

AirX, the world’s first coffee mask with Dual Antimicrobial Technology (99.99%)

AirX Mask is built from coffee-yarn, using PowerKnit technology, which is easy to fit on the user’s face by FlexKnit at the nose. Mask is washable and reusable.


Replaceable bio-based filter is built with latest technology, which combines coffee and Silver Nano (Ag), anti-bacteria and germs. Filter is AATCC 100 certified by QUATEST 3, unwashable and lifetime up to 30 days.

* How to wash AirX - Coffee Mask:
  • Remove filter
  • Mix soap with water
  • Wash gently
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Let it air – dry
  • Wear mask when it’s completely dry