Privacy Policy

Section 1 - Data We Collect

Section 1.1 - Data You Provide to Us

  • Profile - We clarify that you are not obligated to provide us personal data beyond the limited data we need for you to register your account or to make payments if you purchase premium services from us. However, a complete profile helps you be found for economic opportunity and helps make the Services more relevant and useful to you.
  • Profile - We also clarify that we do not require you to provide “sensitive personal data” to use our services, and if you choose to include it on your profile it will be visible to others.

Section 1.2 - Data from Others

  • Contact and Calendar Information - We clarify that when others upload your contact information, we will seek to associate it with your profile.
  • Related Companies and Other Services - We describe how we may receive information about you from our affiliates (including LinkedIn Ireland, LinkedIn Corporation, LinkedIn Singapore and Microsoft Corporation) or other services, such as when you choose to sync your Outlook contacts to your LinkedIn Service. [Existing Sections 3.3 and 3.4 describe how we may share your data with Others’ Services and Related Services].

Section 1.5 - Your Device and Location

  • We clarify that we will get your separate permission before we collect information about your precise location for a feature.

Section 1.7 - Workplace and School Provided Information

  • We clarify that sometimes a school will provide us data about you when they have bought LinkedIn Services for you to use, such as our LinkedIn Learning subscription.

Section 2 - How We Use Your Data

Section 2.1 - Stay Connected

  • We add a reference to the setting that allows you to control whether you want to share who your connections are with others.
  • If you have opted-in to share your precise location, we will use that data for the Service features that you have authorized.

Section 2.1 - Stay Informed

  • We provide additional clarity about the data we use to provide you more relevant content suggestions and experiences in our Services.

Section 2.1 - Career

  • We clarify that we use automated systems in order to present you with better opportunities and to make our Services more relevant to you.

Section 2.2 - Premium Services

  • We update a reference to Services to include our current premium Services and features.

Section 2.3 - Communications

  • We add that we may contact you through mobile numbers and not just email. Our communication preference settings allow Members choices about LinkedIn communications.

Section 2.4 - Advertising

  • We provide additional clarity that we may serve you ads both directly and indirectly on and off our Services, subject to your settings.
  • When you take a social action (such as liking or sharing a post) we will associate you with the content, companies or people that you shared or followed, and we may also use that social action as part of an ad (unless your settings do not allow that).
  • We provide additional information about when and how we may share your personal data with advertisers, such as when you fill-out a lead generation form or an advertiser accesses your LinkedIn profile. We also provide information about how third parties may be able to use cookies to identify you if you view or click on an ad on or off our site or apps.

Section 2.8 Aggregate Insights

  • We add greater clarity about the types of aggregated and non-identifiable insights that we produce and may share.

Section 3 - How We Share Information

Section 3.1 Our Services 

  • Profile - We add greater clarity about your profile visibility and the settings you have to control your profile visibility off of our Services.
  • Posts, Likes, Follows, Comments, Messages - We provide additional clarity and details about what is made available and accessible to others when you take an action on our Services. Social actions such as posting, liking, following, commenting and sharing are associated with you and visible to others. If your settings allow, other Members can see when you have visited their profile.
  • Enterprise Accounts - We update the Services referenced in this section to reflect our current Services.

Section 3.3 Others’ Services

  • We provide greater clarity about when your profile may be found and accessed off of our Services (subject to your settings).

Section 3.4 Related Services

  • We provide clarity about how we will use data that is shared across Services covered by the Privacy Policy and removed a reference to a Service that we no longer support.

Section 4 - Your Choices & Obligations

Section 4.1 Data Retention

  • We clarify that data we retain may have been provided directly by you, inferred from your use of the Services or provided by a third party.

Section 4.2 Rights to Access and Control Your Personal Data

  • Regardless of whether you are a LinkedIn Member or a Visitor, you may exercise the following data protection rights: the right of deletion, the right to amend or rectify your personal data, the right to object to the use of your personal data, the right to restrict processing of your data, the right of access, and the right of portability.

Section 5 - Other Important Information

Section 5.2 Cross Border Data Transfers

  • We clarify that LinkedIn operates on a global basis and may transfer data to countries that may have data protection laws that differ from those of your country.

Section 5.3 Lawful Bases for Processing

  • As before, LinkedIn will only collect and process your personal data when we have lawful bases for doing so. These lawful bases include when you provide us consent, when we have a contractual obligation to collect or process your personal data, and when we have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data.

Section 5.4 Contact Information

  • We describe how Members in Designated Countries can contact our Data Protection Officer.

Cookie Policy

  • We update the description of cookies used in advertising to conform (and point Visitors) to the updated Privacy Policy. In addition, we clarify the degree of control that LinkedIn provides to LinkedIn Members and site Visitors regarding LinkedIn’s use of cookies.